Trendy United is proud to announce that our site is fully integrated with Amazon Payments for faster, easier, and safer checkout process.

What is Amazon Payments?

"A way to pay that's so easy, it's Amazon easy. 
Login and Pay is the fast, easy and safe way to pay online and on mobile. "

Use the information already stored in your Amazon account to login and pay conveniently on thousands of sites and apps.



Full Integration with Amazon


- Ready to Checkout? Simply login with your existing Amazon account.
Your Amazon account will be fully integrated to pay for your Trendy United shopping cart immediately.

No additional account to create

- We understand it's hard to manage numerous website accounts that you can't even remember.
Imagine the simplicity. Use your Amazon account to log in and pay on thousands of websites, without digging for your credit card or retyping your address.

Login safely, secure data

- Is it safe? Don't worry, We never save or share your password, billing or payment information so your account is always secure.
Your shipping address and payment information will be securely loaded directly from Amazon's secure server.

Please read following official message from Amazon.
    Why should I sign in with my Amazon Account on a third-party site?

    You will have one less password to remember when you use your existing Amazon user name and password to sign in to a third-party site.

    What information is shared with sites that use Amazon Payments?

    We will ask for your consent before sharing information with a third-party site in connection with your use of Amazon Payments. The information requested by the third party in connection with your use of Amazon Payments will be clearly displayed on a consent screen. Only share information with sites that you trust.

    What if I no longer want to sign in to the third-party site with my Amazon Account?

    You can remove the third-party site's access to your information in the "Your Account" page on Amazon. Removing permission only prevents the third party from accessing updates to the information you have already shared. The third-party site may retain the information you have already shared, and the usage of that information is subject to that site's privacy policy. If a third-party site using Amazon Payments is a subsidiary of Amazon, we may continue to share your information with that third-party site as described in the privacy policy.